How it all began…

15 Oct

I came across the world of feeding research by accident more than design. My eldest daughter was a toddler, I was in the final year of my counselling training and I was doing a placement at CAMHS –the NHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service .  At the time I had several teenage clients with eating disorders.

One day I was at the table with my daughter and she was refusing to eat her peas. The whole meal became a really fraught debate on the merits of eating peas versus the merits of throwing them all on the floor and screaming “NO!!. No one else got a word in – the entire meal was dominated by whether or not R was going to eat her peas. She was not.

As I reflected on what a poor parent I was, it occoured to me in a flash – this is about power. This is not about peas at all. Not only that, but this power battle has many shades of the way in which my young clients were used food as a way of getting a sense of control. 

I’m one of life’s book readers –I get it from my grandma – if there’s anything she’s wondering about, even at the age of 90, she’s not happy to just ‘not know’, she reaches for a book. If I’m ever unsure about anything, or I feel I could be doing better, or I’m just plain curious, I too, head for the bookshelf. Sometimes for me it’s the metaphorical bookshelf that we call ‘google’ but it’s the same process. I like to read, to research, to educate myself. It’s a kind of security blanket really. 

My reading and research along with what I observed in my only children and heard from other parents, slowly developed into EAF – a way of feeding your child that takes the power dynamic out of the equation.

I’m still reading and researching and always finding out more…  In the meantime, I want to tell other parents about EAF, and help change a few small people from picky eaters into happy foodies ! 

Buy the book and see what EAF can do for you and your family.

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3 Apr

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